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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Disses Elvis and Graceland, Is Nothing Sacred?


Royal Family News: Prince Harry Disses Elvis and Graceland, Is Nothing Sacred?

British royal family news reveals that Dirty Prince Harry has dissed a lot of things unique to the United States, including our First Amendment which he declared “bonkers.” But in his just released trashy memoir, Spare, he trashed an American institution, and a beloved rock ‘n roll icon in the same breath. Keep reading to find out how Harry managed to make enemies where none existed before.

Royal Family News: Harry Is Unimpressed

Harry is famous for being a whiney toad, and apparently he feels the same way about The King of Rock n’ Roll’s historic home as he does the Constitution—maybe worse. According to his recently released memoir the man formerly known as Prince, Harry, was unimpressed with Graceland, the former home of the late Elvis Presley. Of note, Elvis’ daughter and only child Lisa Marie will be buried across the way from him at Graceland, after dying at the age of 55 earlier this month.

Royal Family News: Harry the Appalled

What does Harry think of America’s most visited home, the White House being number one? He wrote: “People variously called the house a castle, a mansion, a palace. But it reminded me of the badger sett.

But wait, there’s more! He added without a hint of humor or sarcasm, “Dark, claustrophobic. I walked around saying, ‘The King lived here, you say? Really?’”

Elvis lived at Graceland from June 26, 1957, until his death Aug. 16, 1977.

Royal Family News: Harry is a Sourpuss

Prince Harry added that the interior decorator, “must have been on drugs.” The very impolite prince Harry stated, “I stood in one tiny room with loud furniture and shag carpet and thought, ‘The King’s interior designer must have been on acid.’”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Disses Elvis and Graceland, Is Nothing Sacred?

Royal Family News: Harry and His Dim Wit

Harry is without mercy when it comes to describing a revered American landmark. And the public and experts alike have treated him and his sordid book without mercy. It dropped earlier this month and in it the toady prince recalls losing his virginity to a woman who spanked him afterward, how he once had a frostbit penis, and that he is circumcised. Total TMI.

What Harry surely is ignorant of is the fact that Graceland is a popular tourist attraction with more than half a million visitors a year. The property has 200,000 square feet of entertainment space, restaurants, gift shops and more. Only one American house gets more traffic: the White House.

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  1. Jan says

    The ‘Toady ex Prince’ wouldn’t have been Royal enough to kiss ‘The King’s’ boots!

  2. Jan says

    The ‘Toady ex-Prince’ wouldn’t have been Royal enough to kiss ‘The King’s boots !

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