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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Iced by Prince Charles Over Memoirs


Royal Family News: Prince Harry Iced by Prince Charles Over MemoirsRoyal Family news reveals that Prince Charles reportedly tried to get some information out of his son. Prince Charles allegedly tried to get Prince Harry to divulge intel prior to the release of the duke’s memoirs and didn’t get it. Clearly, Prince Harry’s memoirs are coming whether the Royal Family likes it or not.

Lawyered Up and Loopholes

Royal Family news reveals that Cosmo claims that the situation could very well be coming apart at the seams over the potential threat. The outlet reports that some are getting “lawyered up” and palace staff is already “looking for loopholes.” Read on and we’ll get into the details.

Royal Family News: Why Meeting Was Brief

Prince Charles is understandably very nervous about his son’s upcoming book. Prince Charles reportedly addressed the issue in a brief meeting with the Duke of Sussex before the Invictus Games earlier this year.

Per Express UK, Royal Expert Neil Sean said the Prince of Wales ended the meeting after just 10 short minutes when Harry refused to discuss his new book with him. “We know that Prince Charles spent very little time with his son Prince Harry,” he said. The expert added, “Charles wanted to have a one-to-one chat but that ended up being a very brief meeting.”

“According to a very good source, allegedly, Prince Harry refused to detail anything about his forthcoming memoir to Prince Charles,” Neil continued. He explained that, with his being the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, Charles doesn’t want any negativity. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for Harry to spill the beans for his dad. “Charles will have to wait and see like the rest of us.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Iced by Prince Charles Over Memoirs

Why Sussexes Are Tight-Lipped

Sean added, “The fact they are remaining so tight-lipped means there have to be some bombshells in the memoir. Charles then iced his younger son with a very short meeting. He wanted to have a mature, adult conversation about what the book will contain, and whether the royals should be concerned about anything.”

Also notable, Royal expert Tom Bower, in a 60 Minutes interview, referred to the Sussexes as “a considerable threat” to the Royal Family. Bower suggested that the family requires “astute management” in order to “minimize the threat” the Sussexes pose, according to Express UK.

According to She Knows, Sean mused that “the fact they [The Sussexes] are remaining so tight-lipped means there have to be some bombshells in the memoir.”

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  1. Deborah Fry says

    No way I’ll read that book of trash. Whining little boy just love to make his family out to be the villains.

  2. Timothy Coker says

    I am an American, and it is not for me to say whether or not Prince Harry is a traitor or not to his country. However, that being said, I firmly believe that he is a traitor to his own family, the Royal Family. I could never do to my family the things that he is doing to his. And yes, I believe a GREAT majority of his problems have been brought on by his marriage to Meagan Markle. The rest he has brought on himself.

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