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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Was Planning Royal Exit as Early as 2018, Expert Says


Royal Family News: Prince Harry Was Planning Royal Exit as Early as 2018, Expert Says

Royal Family news reveals that Prince Harry was already looking for a way out of the Royal Family as early as 2018. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: Was Meghan Markle the Problem or the Solution?

Royal Family news reveals, per Marie Claire, that the Duke of Sussex was pondering leaving royal life well before he met Meghan Markle. Though according to the New York Post, the prince saw Meghan Markle as his way out of the Royal Family, he was thinking about it long before he met her.

As royal watchers know, Meghan Markle’s arrival on the scene equated to major trouble for the family – trouble which ultimately saw a prince of the British Royal Family leave the UK and move to the United States. But, according to royal expert Andrew Morton, Markle wasn’t the cause of Harry’s desire to split – she was merely the solution.

Queen Elizabeth Tried to Welcome Meghan Markle

Royal biographer Andrew Morton weighed in on the subject as he released his new book, The Queen: Her Life, and shared some insight into what may have been happening behind the scenes when Markle and Harry began sharing orbits. According to Morton, the Queen bent over backward to ensure that Markle felt welcome in the Royal Family.

“I think the Queen did her best to bring her into the family. I mean, demonstrably so,” he said, adding that “she took her on public engagements, notably up to Merseyside. She gave her jewelry, pearls, and so on. She put her assistant private secretary, Samantha [Cohen], into her office to teach her about, you know, the niceties of the Commonwealth and the monarchy.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Was Planning Royal Exit as Early as 2018, Expert Says

“And I think she really embraced her and tried to bring her into the fold in a very friendly and open manner. I mean, sadly, Harry was talking to Oprah in December 2018 at a hotel in London, discussing interviews, and he was looking for a way out, even then. Yeah, within six months… they married in May 2018, didn’t they? Yeah, so it’s December or November.”

Royal Family Knew Prince Harry Was Unhappy

When Morton was queried as to whether the Royal Family had any idea the trouble headed their way after Harry and Meghan got hitched, he said, “I don’t think so,” adding, “I mean, you know, they certainly knew that Harry was not happy in the Royal Family, and as you know, he’s been to counseling, psychological counseling. He found it very difficult to appear in public.

“And yet, conversely, he had the Diana touch, he was and is quite a charismatic individual. And so, for that matter, was Meghan, even though obviously both are now the butt of tremendous criticism from people.”

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