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Royal Family News – Prince William and Kate Middleton Leave Message for Fallen Soldier


Royal Family News - Prince William and Kate Middleton Leave Message for Fallen Soldier

Royal Family news reveals that Prince William and Kate Middleton recently hung a Remembrance Day Wreath for fallen soldiers and, on it, they placed a touching message. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: First Remembrance Sans Queen Elizabeth II

Royal Family news reveals that, according to PEOPLE, Prince William laid the wreath at the Cenotaph following his father, King Charles III, during the Remembrance Day Ceremony. It was the first such ceremony without his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

The Prince and Princess of Wales first attended the ceremony as a couple in 2011 (via Hello!). This time they left a touching message.

Prince William Writes: We Will Remember Them

The prince and princess were central at this year’s National Service of Remembrance along with King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. Will and Kate took some time to write a small tribute to honor the fallen war heroes from the UK and Commonwealth nations.

On the wreath that they left was a note with the words, “In memory of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We will remember them.”

King Charles III: In Memory of The Glorious Dead

The 40-year-old prince solemnly placed the poppy wreath, adorned with Prince of Wales feathers and a red Welsh ribbon, down on the Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall. Kate Middleton watched from the balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Charles, who is observing his first Remembrance Day as Sovereign also left a poignant message for the moment, writing, “In memory of the glorious dead.” Princess Anne and Prince Edward also laid wreaths on the Cenotaph and a wreath was placed for Camilla as Queen Consort for the first time.

All the Red Poppy Pins

Each Royal Family member wore a red poppy pin to the ceremony which is a symbol that has been used for the day since 1921. Both King Charles and the newly minted Prince of Wales wore poppies pinned to their lapels while Queen Consort and Kate Middleton both wore three.

Royal Family News - Prince William and Kate Middleton Leave Message for Fallen Soldier

The three poppies worn by the Princess of Wales are thought to represent her fallen WWI family members on her great-grandmother Olive Middleton’s side.

Prince and Princess of Wales Honor the Fallen Via Twitter

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ Twitter page tweeted some photos from the event which included shots of the procession of war veterans and images of Will and Kate throughout the ceremony. They both changed their profiles on Twitter and Instagram earlier this week to reflect the solemn occasion. Both of their profile images depicted the Field of Remembrance with crosses and red poppies.

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  1. Sherry says

    William took to heart the responsibility and traditions of his country and learned from his grandmother the way of doing things for his future role, he and his wife Catherine will make wonderful king and queen when it is their time.

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