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Royal Family News: Prince William and Prince Harry Were Once “Notoriously” Close


Royal Family News: Prince William and Prince Harry Were Once “Notoriously” CloseBritish royal family news shows that Princess Diana died way too soon in a tragic car accident in Paris. She left behind two young sons, Princes William and Harry. Much has been made of their reported current estrangement, but one royal expert is talking about the bond that was forged after having to endure her early death.

Royal Family News: Are Princes William and Harry Estranged?

One royal watcher is convinced that there was a time when the brothers were brought together and had a much stronger bond than is currently being reported. When Diana died William was 15 and Harry was 12. Nigel Cawthorne wrote Prince Andrew, Epstein, Maxwell and the Palace and in an interview with RSVP Live he said, “They were notoriously close and there was always speculation as to whether they had the same father. The death of their mother always bonded them together closely.”

In fact, the brothers apparently spent much of their time together before their mother passed away.

Royal Family News: Are William and Harry Estranged?

Before Diana died she did ordinary, everyday things with them such as going to amusement parks, McDonald’s runs, and she took them on her royal visits. After her death both sons attended followed a similar educational path in attending boarding school, Eton College, and taking a gap year.

Afterward they entered the military and became helicopter pilots.

So what happened to all of this brotherly love? It surely wasn’t Kate Middleton who came between them. After William married Kate Middleton in 2011, the trio remained close and were photographed smiling and enjoying each other’s company.

According to Nigel it was a talk between the brothers that ignited the rift: “It was reported that William advised Harry not to rush into marrying and a wedding.” We all know how that ended, with Harry married to ex game show trotter Meghan Markle, living in America and throwing criticisms left and right at his family.

Royal Family News: Prince William and Prince Harry Were Once “Notoriously” Close

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In an infamous Oprah Winfrey interview Meghan alleged that someone in Harry’s family, “asked how dark her child was going to be.”

He says of this: “I’ve got two mixed-race sons and both sides of the family asked that, the black side as well as the white side. It’s not really a racist thing to ask, it’s a normal bit of curiosity.”

“It would obviously play on the other side of the Atlantic as racist much more than here because notoriously the British mix races quite easily.”

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