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Royal Family News: Prince William Calls Being a Fan of English Football Hard to Handle


Royal Family News: Prince William Calls Being a Fan of English Football Hard to Handle

Royal Family news reveals that Prince William recently opened up about his love of England’s favorite sport but added that being a fan was at times hard to handle. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News: Prince William Talks Football, Mental Health

Royal Family News reveals, according to The Telegraph, the Prince of Wales sat down with stars Harry Kane and Declan Rice to talk pros and cons of being a football fan in England. The three shared, in a 25-minute video available on the Royal Family Channel on YouTube, how their fond football memories have bolstered their mental health.

During their chat, the Prince of Wales said football taught him that “disappointment is part of life”. William discussed the work of Shout, a free and confidential text messaging service for folks struggling with their mental health (via Hello!).

Really Disappointing England Results

“You learn by playing a number of times and many other things in life that disappointment is part of life and how you handle it is crucial,” the prince said.

“Handling some of those really disappointing England results in the past, that was hard, I found that really difficult because again the same euphoria that we had comes crashing down. You feel high and all together, and then normal life just gets on again.” He also intimated that he still has a “lot of friends” he met playing football in his youth.

Harry Kane Talks on Mental Health and Wellbeing of the Youth

PEOPLE reports that last year, following England’s Euros final defeat, some of the players were racially abused via social media simply for missing penalty kicks. When it happened, William reportedly reached out to them to lend support.

According to Declan Rice, in the aftermath of that game, “There was a special moment after that game [the Euros final], the togetherness when we all come in a huddle after we’d lost that, and Gareth (England manager, Gareth Southgate) said some really important words. As a group, I think that brought us forward together because then we had to qualify for a World Cup in the next round of games.”

Royal Family News: Prince William Calls Being a Fan of English Football Hard to Handle

He said that the team overcame the setback of that final loss showing their unity and strength. “I feel that we are in a really good place as a national team that we can keep pushing and getting better because the togetherness we’ve built is really special to be a part of.”

England’s team captain, Harry Kane chimed in, saying, “Talking here about different stuff — highs and lows that we’ve been through as players. That’s my aim is to, especially to the younger generation, talk to them and try and provide ways of talking about mental health and wellbeing.”

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