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Royal Family News: Prince William’s Godmother Resigns Over Racist Comment to Black Charity Boss


Royal Family News: Prince William’s Godmother Resigns Over Racist Comment to Black Charity Boss

Royal Family news reveals that Prince William’s godmother, Queen Elizabeth II’s lady-in-waiting has quit over racist comments she made to Ngozi Fulani, the founder of the charity Sistah Space. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: Baroness Hussey’s Comments Deemed ‘Unacceptable’

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Insider, Susan Katharine Hussey, Baroness Hussey of North Bradley and the late Queen’s lady-in-waiting has resigned following comments she made to Ngozi Fulani about “where she really came from”.

The alleged incident went down at an event organized by Camilla, Queen Consort (via The Guardian). Buckingham Palace stated simply that a staff member had resigned after the comments she made at the palace event were “unacceptable”.

The Palace said in a statement that “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments have been made,” adding that the staff member “would like to express her profound apologies for the hurt caused”. BBC reports that Sussan Hussey has subsequently resigned from her honorary role.

Palace Responds to Ngozi Fulani Tweet

Ngozi Fulani is the founder of Sistah Space which supports African and Caribbean women dealing with domestic violence. The palace released its statement in response to a Twitter post made by the Sistah Space boss which details an encounter with a royal staff member on Tuesday.

“Mixed feelings about yesterday’s visit to Buckingham Palace. 10 mins after arriving, a member of staff, Lady SH, approached me, moved my hair to see my name badge. The conversation below took place. The rest of the event is a blur.” She concluded the tweet by thanking Mandu Reid, leader of the Equality Party, and Chief Executive for Safe Lives Suzanne Jacob, for their support.

Royal Family News: Prince William’s Godmother Resigns Over Racist Comment to Black Charity Boss

Ngozi Fulani Gets Backup

After referring to the offender simply as Lady SH, Fulani said in a follow-up tweet that she did not wish to reveal the full identity of the person involved. Reid tweeted that she was at the event and had witnessed the exchange.

“I was right there. I witnessed this firsthand. We were at an event that was supposed to celebrate our work,” she wrote. “For people like Lady SH, people like us will never really belong here.”

Royal Editor for The Sunday Times tweeted Wednesday that the palace had confirmed the identity of the offending staff member as Lady Susan Hussey.

“BREAKING Buckingham Palace confirms Lady Susan Hussey has stepped aside from her new role as the King’s Lady of the Household after making “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” to Ngozi Fulani [of Sistah Space]. Lady Susan expresses “profound apologies for the hurt caused”.

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