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Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth II’s Cousin Faces Child Sexual Abuse Allegations


Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth II’s Cousin Faces Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

Royal Family news reveals that a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Lord Mountbatten has been accused of abusing a young boy two years prior to his death. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News: Long History of Sex Abuse

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Republic World, the allegations against Mountbatten were made by Arthur Smyth who said that Mountbatten molested him twice in 1977 at Kincora Children’s Home in Northern Ireland.

Marca reports that Smyth made the allegation after waiving his right to anonymity and now, the allegations are set to be heard at the High Court in Belfast. It’s worth noting that the children’s home in question has faced numerous allegations of abuse over the years.

The Beast of Kincora

A public inquiry, in 2017, found that at least 39 boys had been molested at the children’s home. That came four decades after three members of Kincora staff were jailed for abusing 11 children there (via The List).

Arthur Smyth, now 56 years old, claimed he was the first to be abused by a staff member named William McGrath known later as “The Beast of Kincora.” Smyth claims that McGrath introduced him to an “upmarket” stranger who molested him on two separate occasions in 1977.

Despite Unfortunate Timing, It Had to Be Done

Smyth’s attorney said that “[Smyth] alleges to have been abused twice as an 11-year-old by the deceased royal” adding, “It’s the first time that someone has stepped forward to take allegations against Lord Mountbatten into a court.

That decision hasn’t been taken lightly. He understands only too well that it will be a deeply unpopular case with many people coming as it does within weeks of the passing of the queen.” Winters added, “However, litigation involving mental, physical, and sexual abuse isn’t undertaken to deliberately offend sensitivities. It’s taken for many reasons including exposing perpetrators and the institutions or other agencies which helped suppress the truth.”

Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth II’s Cousin Faces Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

Smythe isn’t the only alleged victim of Mountbatten to have come forward regarding the abuse. Another former resident at Kincora came forward but subsequently took his own life, reports News 18.

Anglo-Irish Vice Ring

The three men who ran Kincora Children’s Home, William McGrath, Joseph Mains, and Robert Semple were all three convicted of child abuse in December 1981. Both McGrath and Mains were reportedly providers of young boys to the Anglo-Irish pedophile ring, now known as the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring (A-IVR, according to a report by the Village Ireland.

McGrath and Mains provided young boys to not only Mountbatten but Sir Anthony Blunt, who served as the Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures, and Sir Samuel Knox Cunningham, then-Private Secretary to former UK prime minister Harold Macmillan, along with many other notable figures. Mountbatten was said to have seduced his young victims with brandy-spiked lemonade.

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