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Royal Family News: Queen Makes Moves to Salvage Prince Andrew’s Soiled Reputation


Royal Family News: Queen Makes Moves to Salvage Prince Andrew’s Soiled ReputationAccording to a report from the Daily Beast, Queen Elizabeth is making moves to salvage her son Prince Andrew’s damaged reputation.

Many are sure to be confused by the m0ove from the Monarch as we all witnessed the Queen effectively expel the Duke of York from the Royal Family but a few months ago. Continu8e reading and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Royal Family News – Remember When Queen Helped Andrew Pay is Accuser Off?

It was January 13, 2022, when Queen Elizabeth made the announcement that the duke would be defending himself “as a private citizen” against his sexual abuse accuser Virginia Guiffre and that he would no longer be performing his “public duties” as a royal. Also announced around the same time was that the duke was also being stripped of his HRH style.

Just a short time later it was announced that Andrew was settling with his accuser and reportedly using $15 million of his mother’s cash to do so. At the time the royal excuse for this was so that Andrew’s legal drama would not overshadow the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Royal Family News – Queen Doesn’t Seem to Be Ready for Andrew to Leave Public Life

All of this brings to a lot of minds the question: Why is the disgraced duke now scheduled to attend one of the most ceremonially important spots on the royal agenda, Garter Day, as an HRH? According to the Telegraph, Prince Andrew is scheduled to attend the Order of the Garter ceremony on June 13, alongside Queen Elizabeth II, and other senior Royal Family members, as well as former Prime Ministers.

According to the Daily Beast, the palace is trying to spin the decision ahead of possible criticisms, claiming that the prince was “appointed personally” by the Queen. It is becoming more and more clear that the Queen never intended to expel her favorite son from royal life.

Royal Family News: Queen Makes Moves to Salvage Prince Andrew’s Soiled Reputation

Royal Family News – More Questions than Answers

Now her decision to help the Duke of York pay off his accuser will surely come into question. For example, could it be that the Queen wanted the case settled so that the duke could be able to join key moments of certain celebrations?

Could it also be possible that when the Queen allowed her son to escort her to Prince Phillip’s memorial service that she was softening up the commonwealth for eventually reinserting her son into public life via her Jubilee celebrations? Be sure and stay up to date on all royal family news and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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