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Royal Family News: South African Media Mocks Prince Harry Over ‘Preachy’ Nelson Mandela Speech



South African Media Mocks Prince Harry Over ‘Preachy’ Nelson Mandela SpeechAccording to NBC News culture and wellness writer, Tonya Russell, the Royal Family suffers from a “distorted sense of reality” and one in which they feel deserving of a pat on the back for ruling in countries where they weren’t needed or wanted.

In her piece, she describes how, though Prince Harry does have quite a connection to Mandela, via his mother, Princess Diana, the fact that the UN picked Harry to give the keynote speech is, as she wrote, “head-scratching.” Continue reading and we’ll tell you how Prince Harry is being “mercilessly mocked,” by one South African newspaper, for his “preachy” speech.

Royal Family News – Prince Lectures Crowd on Climate Change, Ukraine, and COVID

South African newspaper The Sunday Times wrote a scathing piece about the Duke of Sussex prior to his speech in which she referred to Harry as “The Duke of LA.” The tongue-in-cheek column had some fans wondering if it was real or satire.

In the article, Sunday Times writer Aspasia Karras jokingly compared Harry’s circumstances to those of the formerly beleaguered civil rights leader, according to Daily Mail. Invited to speak on the occasion by the Nelson Mandela Foundation the prince lectured the relatively small crowd on climate change, disinformation, the war in Ukraine, COVID and Roe vs Wade.

Royal Family News – ‘Imprisoned in his Gilded Pleasure Palace’

In her column, which ran just ahead of the Duke of Sussex’s speech, Editor-at-Large Aspasia Karras wrote, “He’s in exile. Just like Madiba.

“No, sorry, of course, he was imprisoned for 27 years on Robben Island. Same, same-ish.

“Harry is imprisoned in his gilded pleasure palace in Montecito with a podcast schedule and documentary team following him around.”

Royal Family News – Karras Mocks UN Peacekeeping

Labeling the prince “the self-styled Duke of LA” she went on to write, “Just like Mandela, he’s been through a lot.

“As told to Oprah in his cri du coeur interview, his family and the British press have been giving him and his lovely wife Meghan such a hard time. All they wanted was to represent. And bring some fast-paced LA management style to the fuddy-duddy palace.”

She then proceeded to mock the UN’s limited effect on world peace, writing, “I think Harry is a perfect fit, what with the UN being such a very effective organization for world peace.” Be sure to pick up a copy of the article online and, return here often for more Royal Family News and updates.

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