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Royal Family News: Stella Parton Justifies Publicly Backing Meghan Markle


Royal Family News: Stella Parton Justifies Publicly Backing Meghan MarkleDolly Parton’s younger sister, Stella, recently defended publicly backing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in opposition to the royal family, according to Newsweek.

Royal watchers may recall that back on June 11 Express UK reported that Parton referred to the royal environment as a “toxic waste heap” and said “jealous” royal family members were treating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “like outcasts” a week earlier at the Sussex’s first official royal outing together in the UK since their exit in 2020. Continue reading and we’ll tell you how she is justifying her defense of the Sussexes.

Stella Parton Calls Royal Behavior ‘Snooty’

On Saturday, June 9, Parton tweeted a screenshot of a Showbiz Cheatsheet article about her defense of the duke and duchess, writing, “Yes, I said it and I think more people should speak out when they see phony people in high places thinking their snooty behavior is ok.”

She also added that she thought it was very telling that Markle’s sister changed her name back to Markle and then used it to “trash her little half-sister.”

Royal Family News: Stella Parton Justifies Publicly Backing Meghan Markle

Some Cheer and Some Boo at Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who stepped down from their position as working royals back in February 2020 appeared together publicly in the UK, for the first time since their exit, at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last month.

At the time, they also attended a thanksgiving service marking the Queen’s historic 70th year as Monarch. Crowds at the event cheered for the duke and duchess as they ascended the cathedral steps together, despite some reports of booing.

Stella Parton Says Sussexes Were Treated Like ‘Outcasts’

On June 11, Parton said of the day, “I don’t blame Harry for manning up and getting his family away from that toxic waste heap,” claiming that “Harry committed a cardinal sin when he married a beautiful, mixed race, American woman.

“Had he chosen a wife like his father did, no one would have had a problem.” Of the thanksgiving service, Parton said, “When those kids walked into that church everyone was jealous and treated Harry and his gorgeous, talented, brilliant wife like outcasts. I smell jealousy a mile away.”

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