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Royal Family News: The Constitution Prevents Meghan Markle From Being POTUS


Royal Family News: The Constitution Prevents Meghan Markle From Being POTUSBritish royal family news shows that some royal watchers think Meghan Markle aka the Duchess of Sussex wants another title to her name that being POTUS. But Megs is out of luck if a little-known constitutional amendment made over 200 years ago is invoked.

Actually she’s out of luck by sheer dint of her naked determination to be Someone. Her latest effort to win the hearts and minds of the people fell flatter than a flat earth conspiracy when she made a raging fool out of herself on the Ellen Show.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle as POTUS?

According to The Sunday Telegraph there was a constitutional change made in 1810 that restricts a person who receives, “a title of nobility bestowed from a foreign power,” from holding office. Meghan is called Duchess because she married a Duke (and because she insists on it), but that title is little more than window dressing now that she and Harry have abandoned the monarchy.

What’s that you say, she also holds the title Princess Pinocchio? Right. Well that is an entirely different matter altogether.

Anywho, the amendment is said to have been made to keep Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew from worming his way into office after his brother married American socialite Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Patterson.

Royal Family News: Meghan is Hot, Hot, Hot

Do you think this French guy was as little liked then as Meghan is today? Must be if they changed the constitution. The bottom line is that this little tweak could be invoked to keep a certain rabble rouser from trying to do more than raise rescue chickens.

Royal Family News: The Constitution Prevents Meghan Markle From Being POTUS

Writer Tom Bower thinks a Meghan presidency campaign is, “possible and I’d even say likely.” Oy vey. It’s hard to imagine on what planet the natives would vote for her after her Ellen pranks. In effect Meghan saved us the bother and cancelled herself with idiotic stunts that made her look like an acting school reject.

Last week she went into the street and sucked on a baby bottle, ate chips and salsa like a “chipmunk” and referred to herself as “Mommy.” This a president does not make.

Yet she has been nervy about pranking politicians. She wrote a letter about paid leave for new parents to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer demanding they make it a “national right.”

She also got hold of private numbers of US senators and cold called them leading one to say she was “shocked.”

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  1. Sherry says

    Meghan is so much like Trump, they both do not like each other yet they are both ego manics seeking fame and fortune and to be seen and in the news so that they feel good about themselves……….boy these 2 deserve each other..LOL

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