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Royal Family News: The Odd Titles Used for Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Meghan Markle


Royal Family News: The Odd Titles Used for Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Meghan MarkleRoyal Family news reveals that Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Meghan Markle all received unusual titles from Queen Elizabeth in addition to their standard designations according to Good to Know. Continue reading and we’ll tell you about Meghan, Harry, and Charles’s different titles used in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Royal Family News: What’s This Business of Titles?

Royal Family news reveals that, despite what some have come to believe, the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex as well as Meghan Markle, hold different styles in Scotland and Northern Ireland. As royal fans know, upon marrying, royals receive duchys which make the newlyweds a duke and duchess of one country or another.

Additionally, however, they are often given other less-known titles that they use in various parts of the UK. When Prince William and Kate Middleton attended various engagements earlier this year during Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, their heretofore unknown titles raised the eyebrows of at least some royal fans.

Sussex Children Tipped for Titles

As royal watchers know, there are a series of strict protocols that royals must follow, specifically – when it comes to their titles. Each member of the Royal Family has a title unique to them. However, few know that each member of the Royal Family has a varying title depending on the region they’re visiting.

According to Express UK, the Sussex’s little ones, Archie and Lilibet have recently been tipped to receive titles from their grandfather and heir apparent Prince Charles. And, according to Marth Stewart, though Markle is rarely referenced by it, she also holds a princess title and will until she dies.

Royal Family News: The Odd Titles Used for Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Meghan Markle

What Royals Go by in Scotland, Northern Ireland

So, what’s the big news? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are known as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland and, in Northern Ireland, they go by the titles Lady and Baron of Carrickfergus. However, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle also have little-known titles.

Charles has three titles in Scotland; the Duke of Rothesay, the Earl of Carrick, and the Barron of Renfrew, but holds none in Northern Ireland. Though he is no longer a working royal, Prince Harry remains the Duke of Sussex which follows his marriage to Meghan Markle.

But, in Scotland, Harry goes by the Earl of Dumbarton, and he goes by Baron Kilkeel in Northern Ireland. Harry’s wife, Meghan, who still goes by her official title, the Duchess of Sussex, also carries so rare titles of her own; the Countess of Dumbarton for Scotland, and Baroness Kilkeel in Northern Ireland. Be sure and stay apprised of all Royal Family news and return here often for further news and updates.

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