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Royal Family News: What Can Be Learned from The History of Royal Marriage?


Royal Family News: What Can Be Learned from The History of Royal Marriage?Royal Family news reveals, the current state of the Royal Family is no anomaly. According to Independent editor, Sean O’Grady, who did some digging, instability, adultery and cruelty are not uncommon in royal families. Read on and we’ll discuss what was unearthed and what we may learn from any of it.

Royal Family News: Windsor is a Tough House to Marry

Royal family news reveals that the tragedy for Princess Diana began and ended with her marriage to Prince Charles. It is, as O’Grady reveals, difficult, even with all the books, memoirs, and documentaries that have been produced about the couple’s doomed marriage, to understand just how things could have gone so wrong so quickly, or how they could get so complicated to anyone who marries into the Windsor family.

Doomed is such an extreme term but it is difficult to see Diana and Charles’s marriage as otherwise because, as is often noted, the House of Windsor is a rough abode for any prospective spouse. It certainly doesn’t seem to be a place where romantic love exists, at least not by what is understood by the rest of the world.

The House of Windsor does have a high divorce rate. Of Queen Elizabeth II’s four offspring, only one, Prince Edward, managed to avoid the disintegration of his marriage. Charles, Andrew, and Anne were all feeling the pangs of separation and divorce long before they had hoped to enjoy a significant wedding anniversary.

Long Unhappy History of Unhappy Royal Unions

Notably, the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret’s marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones also didn’t last long. Their 1978 divorce was the first such dissolution of a senior royal in 200 years. Aside from Prince Edward, the Queen is the only substantial exception to the Windsor’s litany of failed marriages with her marriage to Prince Phillip spanning almost 75 years.

Royal Family News: What Can Be Learned from The History of Royal Marriage?

It’s important to note that royal marriage trouble isn’t uncommon. Historically, British royal marriages have not been stable or, for that matter, even happy. In the past the general rule was that scorned women, those married to the Prince Regent, later George IV, and Edward VII, had to grin and bear it, so to speak.

Who Has the Power to Prevent Royal Divorce?

Back then, royal divorce was simply unheard of or out of the question. However, by the time Elizabeth took the throne, the laws changed and so did the Royal family. It’s worth noting that there is no one royal with the power or influence to make royal nuptials stick and Queen Elizabeth is no exception.

Perhaps the lesson to take away from royal marriages is that, as O’Grady says, those involved should learn to take their punishment. Be sure and stay on top of the stories and return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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