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Royal Family News: Who Does “Narcissist” Meghan Markle Think She Is “Grifting” With Her Title?


 Royal Family News: Who Does “Narcissist” Meghan Markle Think She Is “Grifting” With Her Title?British royal family news shows that Rachel Meghan Markle is calling herself the Duchess of Sussex and not everyone is amused. She used the royal name to introduce herself in a video while reading her kid’s book out loud, the one called boring and possibly plagiarized. What will she think of next?

Royal Family News: Meghan Is No Princess

It’s not the first time she’s come under fire for using the royal moniker after defecting from the royal family and dragging them like a rag doll down a dirty street. Let’s play along: “The Duchess of Sussex” introduced herself by her name and title in a video for Brightly Storytime, and this incensed some royal fans.

She started off saying, “Hi and welcome to Brightly Storytime. I am Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and today I am going to read you my book called ‘The Bench.’ This is illustrated by Christian Robinson and I asked him to do something special for me and use watercolors, which isn’t the normal medium he works with but he did it to make this extra special. I hope you love the pictures as much as you love the words. I wrote this as a poem for my husband and our son, Archie and then turned it into a book so you can enjoy it too.” Ok, you can all wake up now make-believe story time is over.

Royal Family News: Why is Meghan Criticized?

Social media was quick to call out Princess Pinocchio. One poster asked, “This is the one who thought she will be the next Diana Oh and did she introduce herself as ‘I am Meghan, the Duchess’? Yeah she doesn’t care for titles. She wants to live an ordinary life. She doesn’t use her title and doesn’t cash in on royal.”

Someone else chimed in, “Meghan Markle profits from her title even after dramatically breaking away from the royal family and slandering them to Oprah. Can we talk about that?”

Royal Family News: Meghan Being Criticized Is Justified?

Someone else took the time to write: “‘Hello I am Meghan the Duchess of Sussex’ this is how she introduced herself on the reading loud, while she read the 100 words book she written for the kids which surely is not for kids. Who introduced himself with the title especially to the kids??? useless narcissist.”

 Royal Family News: Who Does “Narcissist” Meghan Markle Think She Is “Grifting” With Her Title?

One commenter asked theoretically, “Meghan has a British title & she is an embarrassment to them going around grifting with that title. She should stop using it, presumably her fans would still love her, right ? and e/one would be happy. But she won’t because we all know it’s her cash cow.”

Thanks for the daily laugh Meghan, you have a good day, too!

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  1. Sally says

    What more can be said about her…it’s been said and repeated continually because of her poisonous mind to put the screws to anybody in her path…..Why? Because she has created a name for herself and by herself alone…..for all of the lying and lying and lying. She is a manipulator to the extreme. No conscience even Harry to talk about the Royals the way she did..and Harry.. the biggest lie was about being married prior in their garden,…WHAT? How could they do was something they should have privately talk to the Queen..but to do this during Philips last few days incredibly ill, dying…and to the Queen who has loved him … he has turned against his family….hard to process…very childish , very cruel..

  2. Deborah S Fry says

    The journalist hit’s the nail on the head again . I love seeing TRUE facts being put into writing.

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