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Royal Family News: Why Prince Charles Skipped Ground Zero Visit to Go Shooting


Royal Family News: Why Prince Charles Skipped Ground Zero Visit to Go ShootingRoyal Family news reveals that according to the memoir of a former UK ambassador to Washington, Prince Charles skipped an official visit to Ground Zero following 9/11. The author claims it was because “shooting at Balmoral had taken precedence.” Read on and we’ll fill in the blanks.

Royal Family News: Future Monarch Leaves Job to Prince Andrew

Royal Family news reveals that the heir apparent was to have joined hundreds of grieving Americans in New York City just a month after terrorist hijacked planes brought down the World Trade Center towers in 2001. However, Sir Christopher Meyer, UK ambassador to the US between 1997 and 2003, explained that the Prince of Wales had left his brother Andrew to make the appearance while he went on a shoot instead.

The narrative in the 2005 book DC Confidential reportedly comes to light after the Sunday Times reported on Charles accepting a suitcase containing a $1.2 million donation from the Bin Laden family to one of his charities. According to Clarence House, the donation was accepted by The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund trustees.

Visit Was Planned Long Before

According to Meyer, Prince Andrew traveled to New York City to “discharge duties” that had been intended for his older brother and heir to the throne. “The Prince of Wales was patron of an event called ‘The UK in New York.’

“This had been planned long before 9/11 as a fortnight in October to promote British business in the Big Apple. Despite being a patron Prince Charles had been unable to come to New York for the event, much to the chagrin of the organizers.

“I was told by a deep throat not a million miles from the Prince’s household that shooting at Balmoral had taken precedence. Prince Andrew stepped into the breach.”

Royal Family News: Why Prince Charles Skipped Ground Zero Visit to Go Shooting

9/11 Family ‘Pissed Off’

According to The New York Post following the revelation that Charles took donations from the Bin Ladens, 9/11 families were “pissed off” and questioned whether Charles should ever be King. Jim Riches, who lost his 29-year-old son Jimmy to the attack, told the publication, “I don’t think he should be king of anything,”

“He is an incompetent. A regular person would see what they did … yet he turns around and takes their money. I’m pissed off. He should put himself in my shoes. If it was his son [who died in the World Trade Center], he would be completely different.”

The Post reported that the 73-year-old future monarch met with Bakr and Shafiq bin Laden, Osama’s half-brothers in 2013, to broker the donation, reported the Sunday Times. Be sure and keep up to date on all Royal Family news and return here often for more news and updates.

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