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Royal Family News: Why So Much Controversy Still Surrounds Princess Diana


Royal Family News: Why So Much Controversy Still Surrounds Princess Diana

Royal Family news reveals why so much controversy still exists 25 years after Princess Diana’s tragic death. Read on and we’ll tell you more.

Royal Family News: Princess Diana’s Evolution

Royal Family news reveals that Wednesday marks the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic car accident that sent the entire world reeling in a state of shock and grief. At 36 years of age, Diana was a glamorous and headstrong beauty known for advocating for AIDS patients as well as her work towards removing land mines in developing countries.

Time Magazine notes that the princess was one of the English-speaking world’s most well-known persons. Millions had watched as she evolved from a shy 20-year-old wife of an older Charles into a powerful global player whose legacy fostered weighty changes in the traditional Royal Family.

What Went Down that Day?

On that fateful day August 31, 1997, the “People’s Princess” was killed in a Paris car crash. That day saw scrutiny into the tabloid press and spawned conspiracy theories surrounding her untimely death, some of which, still has legs today.

Also killed that day were Diana’s then-boyfriend Egyptian-born Dodi Fayed, and Ritz driver Henri Paul. The accident reportedly occurred when Paul tried to evade a group of paparazzi on motorcycles. Their vehicle reached speeds of more than 60 mph, although the speed limit was only 30 mph.

Paul, who had been under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs at the time eventually rammed the car into a pillar in the middle of a highway. Paul and Fayed died at the scene. The paparazzi immediately faced backlash for photographing the scene instead of lending aid.

Royal Family News: Why So Much Controversy Still Surrounds Princess Diana

Did Diana See It Coming?

Diana, prior to her death had addressed the problem with the media expressing disdain for being endlessly pursued by the paparazzi. She once yelled out to a photographer who took a picture of her leaving a movie theater in 1993: “you make my life hell.”

In a December 1993 speech, much like with Meghan, Diana said that, though she knew becoming a Royal would draw media attention, she never realized just how much of her privacy would be gone. “I was not aware of how overwhelming that attention would become. Nor the extent to which it would affect both my public duties and my personal life, in a manner that’s been hard to bear,” she said.

Still Mourned After 25 Years

In 1997, a Gallup poll found that 43 percent of Brits thought photographers were “extremely” culpable for the accident that took Princess Diana’s life, compared to 33 percent who blamed Henri Paul equally.

A 2018 YouGov poll deemed Princess Diana the most mourned public figure. After 25 years, that is some staying power! Be sure and return here frequently for more interesting Royal Family news and updates.

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