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Royal Family News: Will Prince Harry’s Memoir be Nasty to the Royal Family?


Royal Family News: Will Prince Harry’s Memoir be Nasty to the Royal Family?

Royal Family news reveals that, though there hasn’t been an official statement from the palace regarding Prince Harry’s new memoir, at least one royal expert claims that it will expose Harry’s “deep shame” and it will be “nasty” for the Royal Family. Read on and we’ll tell you what we’ve learned.

Royal Family News: An Heir and a Spare

Royal Family news reveals, according to Yahoo!, the title of Prince Harry’s new memoir has been released and some sources claim that it reveals how the prince has really felt all these years within the Royal Family. The book’s title, “Spare” calls to mind an adage that dates back to William the conqueror’s son Henry I.

Henry I, according to the York University history magazine, The York Historian, saved his monarchy at the time by not only providing an heir to the throne but a spare. The title Harry chose for his book clearly references Prince William as the heir to the throne while relegating Harry to the seemingly insignificant designation of “spare.”

Prince Harry, Second Best?

Royal expert Angela Levin weighed in on the title, saying, “It tells you what he thinks about himself with some great deep shame that somehow he didn’t feel he was better than that.” She added that Diana had done her best to ensure her second son didn’t feel that way, “She tried to tell him there were more options, more things would be open to him.”

According to The Sun, Levin believes Harry’s choice of title indicates that the Duke of Sussex “never felt he was better” than second best. And though, as Levin said that though, “he’s got freedom,” obviously that hasn’t worked for him. She went on to blast the memoir saying that, though it promises “unflinching honesty” it will ultimately be “nasty” for the royal family.

Royal Family News: Will Prince Harry’s Memoir be Nasty to the Royal Family?

Angela Levin Calls Prince Harry Memoir Cruel

The royal expert and author went on to say that she thought Harry’s book was “cruel” before adding, “Prince Charles loves Harry very, very much,” adding that Prince William and Harry were extremely close.

“Harry told me that they have had these unique experiences that nobody else would have had. One is losing their mother when they were very young.

“Then thousands of people were watching them and grieving when they had never met or even spoken to his mother. Those two things together made them very close.

“William looked after him a lot. He was a very nice older brother. Harry has not been very nice in recent years.

“I think [publishing a tell-all book while] knowing his family won’t sue and they won’t answer back… it’s a one-way nastiness.” Be sure and stay up to speed on all royally related stories. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.

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