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Royal Family Reunion Ruined? Meghan Markle’s Christening Bombshell!


Royal family observers have hoped for a reunion among Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, and other relatives. And many experts thought that the christening of Meghan’s and Harry’s second child could provide such an opportunity. 

But now rumors indicate a bombshell regarding that reunion. What went wrong in all the dreams for a royal family gathering to celebrate the baby’s birth? Find out why some blame Meghan Markle for the allegedly failed UK reunion plans below. 

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Baby Girl Christening Rumors

Even before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor into the world, rumors about a christening swirled. And some royal family experts pointed to the U.K. as the most likely place for that event. 

But now family insiders claim that Meghan does NOT want her daughter to get christened overseas. And that change of plans has destroyed hopes that a christening would reunite the estranged royal family, reports Marie Claire.

Royal family christenings traditionally involve the entire clan. And that tradition is particularly significant because of on-going royal family rifts. As a result, experts hoped that baby Lilibet’s christening could provide Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a valid reason to travel to the U.K. And that would mean that the longed-for full reunion among Harry, his brother Prince William, his sister-in-law Kate Middleton,  and his wife Meghan finally would occur.

Initially, rumors pointed to Meghan and Harry agreeing to christen Lilibet at Windsor Palace. That venue would result in the entire royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, participating. And that would also mean finally opening up communication among Harry and Meghan on one side and the rest of the royal family on the other. 

But soon after those rumors soared, a new report dashed hopes. Rather than take place in the U.K., the christening would take place in California, per the latest claims. And the reasons, as discussed below, are two-fold.

Why Would Lilibet’s Christening Occur In California?

Two possible reasons for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry avoiding the trip to the U.K. exist. First, some royal family insiders point to Meghan Markle’s bitter relationship with the British media. Consequently, she reportedly views a U.K. christening as possibly resulting in even more negative press. 

And second, some sources point to Prince William. Those insiders who name William as the reason for a California rather than a Windsor Palace christening cite the on-going feud. And one royal family source even alleged that Prince William forbid Harry and Meghan from christening their baby girl at Windsor Palace. Those allegations indicates that the battle among the royals has heightened rather than ending.

Royal Family Reunion Ruined? Meghan Markle’s Christening Bombshell!

As a result, these royal family insiders believe that Lilibet may not get christened in the Church of England in the U.K. Instead, they believe that Meghan and Harry will decide on a California Episcopal ceremony. And Queen Elizabeth might never “get to meet the great granddaughter named after her face to face,” said one source.

Could A Holiday Royal Family Reunion Occur?

At this time, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s representatives have not confirmed any of the rumors. Instead, a spokesperson for the Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex described the christening plans as in progress. And she called “claims to the contrary ‘mere speculation’.”

But even though a California christening could widen the gap between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family, some see the holidays as offering a new opportunity. In particular, some royal family sources believe that if brothers William and Harry can reconcile, the rest of The Firm (as the royal family is known) would follow and end the feud.

Could the feud end before the New Year? And if the christening does take place in California, might William offer an olive branch by traveling there to show his support for his brother and sister-in-law? Share your views with us! And be sure to check back on our site for all the royal family news and updates. 

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  1. Gillian Lord says

    They would never have been able to hold the christening at Windsor Palace because such a place does not exist ! What does exist is Windsor Castle.Please get your information correct

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