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Royal Writer Criticizes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as ‘Nauseating Hypocrites’


Royal Writer Criticizes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as 'Nauseating Hypocrites'Royal biographer Angela Levine spoke up against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s trip to New York last week to address the audience at the Global Citizen Live, which she claimed would hurt the Queen.

The Sussex couple has been accused of positioning themselves to become America’s royalty, as suggested by their tours and addressing world leaders about vaccine distribution.

“Superficial” Harry and Meghan “Hurt” Queen

The author of “Harry: A Biography of a Prince” described the couple as superficial for meeting with world leaders to discuss poverty while flaunting their wealth as much as possible. She also called them hypocrites for lecturing people to fight climate change while they’re supremely comfortable taking private jets.

“It’s the same hypocrisy when they stand up at a concert and bleat about world poverty. It’s a case of nobody knows more about poverty than the very rich, and that’s highlighted by Meghan’s appearance at a rundown school in Harlem, where the kids are really deprived, wearing a £5,600-pound outfit and dripping in diamonds,” Levine noted in an opinion piece she penned for The Sun, adding that it was “so insensitive and not the right thing to do” of the former “Suits” actress.

She further pointed out that Meghan needed to look smart in order to impress upon people the idea that she knows what she’s doing, but criticized her for her “over the top” efforts. She also ridiculed the Duchess for trying to market her children’s book “The Bench”, meant for 3 or 4-year-olds and containing only one line per page, to a group of 11-year-old students.

Levine wrote, “Meghan likes to see herself as a leader and any way she can beat Katherine and William, she’ll go all out for it. She is very competitive and also very resentful if she doesn’t get her own way.”

As for Prince Harry, the royal commentator opined that the Queen will be hurt by his latest antics to establish himself as a global icon.

Royal Writer Criticizes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as 'Nauseating Hypocrites'

“I can’t imagine the Royal family will be pleased with the UN speaking to them about world issues, rather than an actual representative of the UK. The Queen will shrug her shoulders and pass it off as Harry’s latest antic, but I think inside she will be very hurt because he is trying to out-manoeuvre her and do more worthy things,” Levin continued.

Harry and Meghan Markle made a trip to New York last week from Thursday to Saturday. They ended their three-day U.S. tour at the Global Citizen Live concert, where they encouraged people to join hands and end the pandemic. They also addressed world leaders to treat vaccine access as every human being’s right.

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  1. Donna Underwood says

    Harry and Meghan will never be up to par with William and Kate. William and Kate do not have to try and impress anyone, they do this just by living their life in a normal way and being such a wonderful family. They don’t have to trash anyone to try and make themselves look better. As an American I can tell you that Harry and Meghan are nothing to me. They are not Royals. They could not handle having to live by rules. To think that Meghan wants to be President, when she couldn’t even make it as a Duchess , is a joke. They wanted to escape the press, but will do anything to be in the press. They are a joke. Harry use to be, what appeared as, a kind, loving young man. Who was respectful of the Queen and Prince Phillip. Now look at him. And you very rarely see him smile now. He always looks unhappy or mad. Just remember you two, Karma is a b@#ch.

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