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Sarah Ferguson Launches New Venture Following Loan Battle


Sarah Ferguson Launches New Venture Following Loan Battle

The Duchess of York is not letting something as trifling – trifling if you’re a Duchess, not so much for the rest of us – as a loan battle stop her from moving on with new business ventures. And when I say loan battle, I’m not speaking the thousands language, the company which Fergie was the director of until it was forced to go into administration in 2020 is £19 million in debt. No, it’s not a typo and yes, whoa…

The High’s and Low’s of Sarah Ferguson’s Many Ventures

Liquidators, dept and bankrupt are perhaps words no business wants to hear, but Gate Ventures are starting to grow accustomed to these words or variations of it. And all because a key player wanted to live it up. How does this affect Fergie directly, you say.

Well, Gate Ventures is a theatre investment company of which Fergie was a director until shortly before it was forced into administration in 2020 after losing almost £20 million. In light of this, liquidators are attempting to claw back money for creditors, by recently filing a Progress Report that complained that a “settlement offer” for an outstanding loan was rejected.

The Loan – Was Previously Reported To Be £233,000

The loan – previously reported to be £233,000 – was made to Ginger & Moss, a company that has Fergie as the co-founder and current director. She is also the sole director and founder of yet another company, Solamoon Ltd, which is itself a co-owner of Ginger & Moss.

Sarah Ferguson Launches New Venture Following Loan Battle

We know Fergie for being a prolific businesswoman in her time. She is someone who has launched several products like blenders and fountain pens, and while she has refused to comment on the ongoing issue, it’s possible that she might address it in her upcoming podcast, “Tea Talks with Sarah and the Duchess.”

The liquidators could only reveal that further discussions about the loan are due, while a source close to Ginger & Moss says that there’s hope that a solution could be reached. “We have made repeated efforts to resolve this situation,” the source said, adding that he expects it to be “resolved in the coming weeks.”

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