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Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Has A “Whole Vault” Of Royal Stories To Tell


Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Has A “Whole Vault” Of Royal Stories To Tell

Apparently there’s money to be had gossiping about the royal family, who knew? Since Harry sold millions of his memoir “Spare” and Meghan Markle hit it big with her podcast and, of course, the couple’s Netflix docuseries reached a massive audience, platforms are understandably willing to offer good cash for any royal, and I mean any other royal, willing to go down that route.

Already known for sharing her life with the public – she was the original royal to run to Oprah for an interview, Harry and Meghan only followed suit – we will be hearing more from the Duchess now that she has a podcast all ready to go.

The Duchess of York Promises To “Spill the Tea” In Upcoming Podcast

On Monday, May 15, Fergie revealed that she will be launching a new podcast series where no topic is off limits. She will be co-hosting the show with entrepreneur Sarah Thomson, hence the name “Tea Talks with Sarah and the Duchess,” with Viral Tribe Entertainment backing the series.

As you can imagine, this caused some excitement amongst royal fans, because if royalists had to choose who they’d rather hear royal gossips from, they’d pick Fergie a million times over the controversial duo in Montecito.

Discussing about the Duchess’ latest venture on the latest episode of Royally US podcast, Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi weighed in on the amount of royal gossips Fergie may be willing to spill in the podcast.

Ross said: “I can’t wait for this. Give me all the royal tea that I can possibly handle. I’m sure she has a lot to say. I’m sure she has a whole vault of things that she can divulge.”

Garibaldi added: “I know. She could literally write a book. She’s hiding a lot of secrets.” Ross responded by saying that only time will tell whether juicy royal secrets will be spilled.

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Has A “Whole Vault” Of Royal Stories To Tell

What Is Sarah Ferguson’s Podcast “Tea Talks With Sarah and the Duchess” About?

To be clear, Fergie did not exactly promise us royal gossip. What she did say was that she and her co-host Sarah will “spill the tea on the roller coaster of life.”

“With a cup of tea in hand, each week you’ll hear about the week’s hot topics, as the hosts share their thoughts and perspectives on everyday issues. The duo will also be joined by special guests and share personal insights to listeners’ dilemmas,” the podcast’s Spotify profile reads.

“These two great friends will approach everything with infectious enthusiasm and a healthy dose of humour. The Duchess and Sarah promise to leave no stone unturned, and no biscuit un-dunked.

They will also be talking about the “the highs and lows of everyday life — yours, ours and anything in the news.”

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