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The Royal Family Reportedly Houses Ukrainian Refugees Secretly


The Royal Family Reportedly Houses Ukrainian Refugees SecretlySince the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several members of the Royal Family have condemned Putin’s war and have shown support to the people of Ukraine who are forced to flee from their homes.

They have also helped in raising money for charities that support the Ukrainian cause and refugees. But what they’ve been caught doing lately is providing accommodation to stranded Ukrainians in the U.K. Less talk, more action, I’m I right?

All We Know About the Royals’ Secret Accommodation of Ukrainians

The Daily Express recently broke the news that several members of the Royal Family are housing refugees, even though they do not want attention drawn to it.

It’s just one of the ways that the Royal Family members are fulfilling their vows to do “their bit” for the belabored Ukrainian refugees.

Since the war started, 53,000 Ukrainians have made their way into the U.K. under visa schemes, including the Homes for Ukraine program which saw over half the number of Visas granted.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman told the Express: “We are assisting in a number of ways but will not be commenting further.”

Daily Express did not reveal which royals are housing refugees or where the accommodation is being provided, though they were contacted for more information.

The Royal Family Reportedly Houses Ukrainian Refugees Secretly

However, in the past Buckingham Palace has been used to house royal refugees during the Second World War with Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands as well as Norway’s King Haalon and his son Prince Olaf staying there after fleeing the Nazis in 1940.

This is coming after Prince Charles shared encouraging words to the people of Ukraine living in Canada, saying, “we are so behind you”.

Members of the Royal Family are contributing immensely behind the scenes and would rather that their efforts would remain private.

So far, the Queen has made private donations to a Ukrainian charity, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have contributed labor, time and money to various charities providing aid to stranded Ukrainians.

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