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The Royals: Kate Middleton Took Photo Of Duchess Camilla For Magazine Cover


The Royals: Kate Middleton Took Photo Of Duchess Camilla For Magazine CoverThe Royals spoilers and updates tease that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, asked Kate Middleton to take her picture for the new cover of the British magazine, Country Life. The Duchess of Cambridge took a photo of the Duchess of Cornwall in the garden of her home in Wiltshire.

The photoshoot took place before Camilla’s 75th birthday, which she’s set to celebrate on July 17. In the picture, Camilla donned a blue and white floral dress while holding onto a basket filled with flowers that are ready for planting. Camilla has been married to Prince Charles for 17 years and one of her passions is gardening.

Another image of Camilla shows her waking in Raymill’s garden. The photo is featured inside the commemorative edition of Country Life, which Camilla is guest editing to mark her 75th birthday and the magazine’s 125th anniversary. The magazine featuring the Duchess of Cornwall is scheduled to be published on July 13.

Camilla Requested Kate For The Photoshoot

According to The Telegraph, Camiilla specifically asked for Kate when Country Life editor Mark Hedges asked the Duchess of Cornwall for her input.

“I spent the next three or four minutes desperately racking my brains trying to think of a professional photographer called Catherine,” Hedges said.

“Then suddenly I grasped what she meant—one of the most amazing things that could happen,” he added.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram account also featured some behind-the-scenes photos of the photoshoot. Kate can be seen wearing jeans and sneakers as she takes shots of Camilla walking in the garden.

The Royals: Kate Middleton Took Photo Of Duchess Camilla For Magazine Cover

The photo is the first formal portrait of Camilla that’s been taken by Kate for a magazine. Hedges said that they’re honored to be the first to publish the photo and they would love to offer the Duchess of Cambridge another commission.

Camilla’s Birthday Celebration

Camilla will be celebrating her birthday on July 17 and she’s keeping herself busy before the celebration. In a previous interview with British Vogue, the Duchess of Cornwall said that she would only have a low-key birthday party without too much celebration, which she plans to spend with friends and family. She also said she won’t give in to her grandchildren’s pressure. She won’t be persuaded to have her ears pierced.

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