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Trouble for Prince Andrew as He’s Caught Using Taxpayer Money on Princess Eugenie


Trouble for Prince Andrew as He’s Caught Using Taxpayer Money on Princess EugenieAccording to The International News, Prince Andrew is in trouble again as he’s caught using public funds to pay for Princess Eugenie’s gap year trip.

Currently, there’s worry that the Duke of York will use public funds to pay his out-of-court settlement, rumored to be £12million to Virginia Guiffre. Royals fans will remember that the prince also used public funds to pay for Eugenie’s security back in 2011.

Now there is added concern as the prince has been caught with his hands in the same cookie jar taking public funds to pay for his daughter’s gap year trip. Continue reading and we’ll give you more details.

Royal Family News: Eugenie Racks Up ‘Huge Security Costs’ on Gap Trip

According to Royal expert Richard Kay, the issue has reached a point where Prince Charles has had to step in to curb Andrew’s spending. The Mirror reports that it’s believed that the hear apparent stepped in after his niece “racked up huge security costs” on her gap year trip.

Per the publication, a report at the time suggested the princess spent more than £100,000($134,075) while traveling through India, America, Thailand, and South Africa. Though the princess paid for her hotels and travel herself, it seems it was her security that cost taxpayers these large sums.

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Intervenes, Halts Police Escort

According to royal expert Richard Kay, the princess was “sort of flitting from country to country as most middle-class young people do who take gap years,” but added the caveat that Eugenie was doing this with a very expensive police escort.

This meant the expert said, that taxpayers were footing the bill for police to accompany the princess to “the fleshpots of the world.” Charles’s intervention was not well-received by his younger brother and he subsequently complained to the Queen demanding that the Royal family show him respect.

Trouble for Prince Andrew as He’s Caught Using Taxpayer Money on Princess Eugenie

Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Angers, Wants Proper Royal Treatment

Royal author Angela Levinson said that Prince Charles decided that, since those being protected on the princess’ trip were not likely senior royals, the expense was “too much for the public to pay” so he put a halt to it. Apparently, this may Prince Andrew so angry that he wrote a note to his mother the Queen.

Andrew told the Queen that he wanted them to be treated as proper royals and that the protection officers should remain. Be sure and stay apprised of all things royal and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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