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Virginia Giuffre Reveals She’s Saddened by Jean-Luc Brunel Escaping Justice


Virginia Giuffre Reveals She’s Saddened by Jean-Luc Brunel Escaping JusticeJean-Luc Brunel has finally decided to escape justice the way his close friend and confidante Jeffrey Epstein did in 2019.

This is coming just a few days after news broke that Prince Andrew has opted to settle out of court for the hefty sum of £14 million.

Sexual Assault Victim Virginia Giuffre Mourns Jean-Luc Brunel’s Suicide: “I’m Disappointed”

While Jeffrey Epstein has kind of become the name associated with the sex trafficking business, his close pal Jean-Luc Brunel is also suspected of being involved in it as much as he is.

The disgraced fashion agent was found hanged at his prison cell at La Santé in Paris on Saturday night.

Brunel, 76, was indicted and was sentenced to jail in December 2020 following accusations of rape and sexual assault on minors — including three 12-year-old sisters.

He was also being investigated for human trafficking and for possibly playing a part in Epstein’s criminal conspiracy amid his association with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

In a statement released by Ms. Giuffre, the now mom of three claimed that the recently deceased man raped her and “countless” other women.

The 38-year-old took to Twitter to share her disappointment at Jean-Luc Brunel’s death. “The suicide of Jean-Luc Brunel, who abused me and countless girls and young women, ends another chapter,” she wrote.

“I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to face him in a final trial to hold him accountable. But gratified that I was able to testify in person last year to keep him in prison.”

Virginia Giuffre is known as one of the principal victims of disgraced financier Epstein. Recently, she settled a lawsuit with Prince Andrew out of court for the reported sum of £12 million. Both parties released a statement acknowledging the settlement and listing the terms, which includes Andrew making a substantial donation to a charity.

Virginia Giuffre Reveals She’s Saddened by Jean-Luc Brunel Escaping Justice

Virginia Giuffre Says Andrew will “Sweat” Over Associate Jean-Luc Brunel

Virginia Giuffre formerly claimed that the fashion agent “farmed out” modelling hopefuls to the paedo, as well as other men, for sex. Amongst her claims against Brunel is that she was forced to have sex with him at Epstein’s home.

She also alleged that he once set up a photoshoot with seven Russian girls which Andrew watched.

Brunel was described as the paedo multimillionaire’s “best friend” and “pimp” as he was believed to be one of Epstein’s key members.

His death means that he’s taken many of the secrets of the criminal organization he likely set up with Epstein to the grave.
At the time of his death, there were no cameras in his cell.

In 2020, when Brunel was arrested, Ms. Giuffre publicly asked Andrew whether he’s now sweating, knowing Brunel could spill. “Are you sweating yet, Prince Andrew? You should be. Your buddy Jean-Luc Brunel is behind bars. Remember those girls he supplied to you on the island?”

“Well, you might want to start thinking of new allergies cuz you’re about to burn. This piggy will roll over on EVERYONE to save his own bacon.

“Those who participated in this sex trafficking ring should be worried.”

Meanwhile, Andrew has always denied any impropriety towards minors during his association with Epstein and ex girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

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