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What a Royal Source Thinks of Prince Harry’s Recent Chat about Getting HIV Tests


What a Royal Source Thinks of Prince Harry's Recent Chat about Getting HIV TestsAccording to Gareth Thomas, a close friend of the Duke of Sussex, Harry’s interest in campaigning for people to get tested for HIV stems from his longing to help people.

Harry is also trying to remove the stigmatization surrounding the condition. This has been the Duke’s passion project for years now. It was originally headed by his late mother Princess Diana and Harry has vowed to continue the good work.

Prince Harry’s Friend Says “He’s in a Great Place”

During a recent chat, Gareth Thomas said of his close friend Harry: “I feel when you know someone, when you speak to them, and you get a sense of stability, you realise that he is a very committed family man with an understanding of who he is and understanding of what he represents and he takes great pride in that. So for me, I feel that when I speak to him, he is in a great place.”

The Welsh Rugby legend added: “I feel that’s why he has the ability to do what he does and have the conversation like he had with me because he has a sense of strength in who he is.”

The former sportsman, who announced that he’s HIV positive in 2019, set up the Tackle HIV charity to try and end the public perception of people living with the illness.

Speaking on Harry’s devotion to the cause, he added: “He wants to be there, not just for an individual, but collectively, for everybody around the world.

“He wants to be a voice and he wants to continue the legacy that his mother started and I think again, that shows somebody who is very committed to creating a better environment for people globally where he feels there is a sense of injustice.”

What a Royal Source Thinks of Prince Harry's Recent Chat about Getting HIV Tests

Harry also recently encouraged people to get tested, as he feels it’s everybody’s duty to do so in order to protect others and stop the spread.

In 2016, Harry took a live HIV test with famous singer and fashion mogul Rihanna in order to encourage people to get tested for the condition.

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