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What Does Prince Harry Showing Up In Court Mean?


What Does Prince Harry Showing Up In Court Mean?

I know you, like the dozens of people on Twitter, are wondering why Prince Harry had to fly in from the US to appear in a court case where his presence was absolutely not needed. Well, it could only mean one thing; he’s got bones to pick with the Associated Press and he wants the world to know it.

Even though some may say that Harry has completely lifted the lid on his life’s story – and, without permission, his family’s as well – Harry apparently still wants to have control over what he wants to share with the public and what he doesn’t.

He was joined by Sir Elton John.

Prince Harry Attends Court Proceedings In London For A Pre-trial Legal Hearing

There’s a lot of different theories going on about why Prince Harry made the surprise visit to London to be a part of the pre-trial proceedings against the Daily Mail publisher, Associated Newspapers. While there’s the belief that Harry did this to overshadow his father’s now cancelled state visit to France, others believe he only did it to get free press.

However, even though it’s surprising to have Harry show up, it shouldn’t be that surprising given his avowed hatred of the British press, the Daily Mail in particular.

Naturally, pre-trial hearings are nothing to buzz about, as they’re usually mostly barristers arguing over a series of technical legal points, and no witnesses are usually called on to give evidence. But Harry thought it necessary to be there in person, and he even took notes in court.

Harry’s fears about the media is palpable in his interviews and even in his memoir “Spare,” with his strong belief that his mother wouldn’t have died had paparazzi not chased her down a Paris tunnel. He believes the same could happen to him, or his wife, and he fully intends to fight it out. To Harry, Daily Mail “took the lead” in the harassment of his wife Meghan Markle.

As a push back, Associated Newspapers stated that its general coverage of Meghan have been more “welcoming and sympathetic” than Harry would like people to believe, even publishing a report on it.

What Does Prince Harry Showing Up In Court Mean?

Prince Harry On Taking Associated Newspapers To Court

In an interview earlier this year, Harry’s reporter friend Tom Bradby questioned his wisdom in taking the might of the Mail, saying, “The stakes I would say are very high, you’re suggesting you know, they [the Mail] hired private investigators to break into people’s houses to plant a listening device, I mean this is off the scale, they deny it absolutely. Let’s be clear, you would owe them a pretty abject apology if you’re not right.”

“Well if it wasn’t … they would presumably sue us,” Harry replied defiantly, adding: “Who’s policing them?”

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