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What to Know About King Charles III’s Coronation


What to Know About King Charles III’s Coronation

Royal Family news and updates reveal that King Charles III has been Britain’s monarch since last September when Queen Elizabeth II died, and he automatically ascended the throne. But he and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla will be formally crowned in May with a coronation ceremony drenched in centuries of tradition. Continue reading and we’ll fill you in on what to expect.

Royal Family News: Out with the Old, In with the New

Royal Family news and updates reveal that, according to CBS, next spring’s ceremony will be steeped in ages-old traditions and perhaps a few new twists. Charles will be officially crowned King on Saturday, May 6 alongside Camilla.

The date was settled on by the UK government, the Church of England, and the royal household. For the celebration, the UK populous will be given a public holiday. However, as the coronation takes place on a Saturday, the national holiday will land on Monday, May 8.

Celebratory lunches will be held throughout the UK and Commonwealth countries that weekend and there will be a concert performed at Windsor Castle on May 7.

Where Will the Coronation Go Down?

The coronation shindig will go down at Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony has taken place for the last nearly a thousand years and it will be conducted by Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The King and Queen will travel to Westminster Abbey from Buckingham Palace in what is called “The King’s Procession.”

What to Know About King Charles III’s Coronation

At the end of the service, they will return via another procession joined by other members of the royal family. That procession will be called “The Coronation Procession.” After they arrive back at Buckingham Palace, senior members of the Royal Family will make their way to the balcony.

What Will the Coronation Consist Of?

BBC reports that Coronations have not changed much in the last 1,000 years, The British ceremony is the only event of its kind that still takes place in Europe. However, the Palace said that, although the coronation will still be “rooted in longstanding traditions,” it will “reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future.”

As earlier reports have indicated, this ceremony will be slimmed down in scale and duration when compared to Queen Elizabeth II’s 1953 coronation. There will also reportedly be a wider range of religious ideologies represented.

The coronation procession will also reportedly be slimmed down. Queen Elizabeth’s procession consisted of 16,000 participants and it took and took 45 minutes to pass any stationary point in a nearly 4.5-mile route. Be sure and stay up to speed on this and other royally related stories. Return here often for more Royal Family news and updates.


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