Watching the Royal families we get a glimpse of these charmed women and watch their magical lives unfold!

Working With Us

Advertising Opportunities on The Royal Princesses!

We offer many unique ways for brands to work with us.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, drop me a line and let’s get the conversation going! Annemarie at


The Royal Princesses can offer custom integration, video ads, and sponsored product placement. Currently, the site has three standard size banners on the homepage as part of the sites design. They are:

Full Banner (728 x 90) – Header or Footer
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
Skyscraper (120 x 600)


Our custom editorials are designed around your specifications to include relevant information about your product and how it can help our readers. Each post is a minimum of 400 words and can include links to your website and social media sites. Custom editorials are also promoted via social media throughout the campaign. Custom editorials are available as single posts or as part of an ongoing multi-post campaign.


Reviews are a great way to really show our readers how your product works. I will use the product in-depth and explore all of its features, taking pictures of the experience to add a personal touch.


Get your product in front of our readers and create buzz with a giveaway hosted on The Royal Princesses. We will organize the giveaway; advertise it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. All the giveaways are featured in our weekly newsletter. Mandatory entry typically involves asking the entrant to tell us something they love about your product or company through a comment on our post. Additional entries may include following you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or subscribing to your newsletter.


Let us tell our highly engaged followers about your product or service by featuring it on our Facebook page or sending tweets through Twitter. Opt for a single shout-out or a full package deal spanning across several days, a week or even a month.

Twitter Parties Twitter parties are a great way to get people talking about your product! The Royal Princesses will host a one or two-hour party, as well as handle all the sign-ups and promotion prior to the event.


We’re open to Strategic Partnerships or working together, contact Annemarie at and we can discuss!